Hey everybody! I have a **FREE GIVEAWAY** to anybody living in Milton that is interested. My wife recently went to a conference and came home with a little webcam cover, for laptops, monitors, anything really that has a camera built in to it. The message around it was security and how important it is to protect you AND YOUR KIDS from online creeps hacking into your camera, without you knowing. I thought this was a great idea so I had a bunch of them made up and I’m sharing them with anyone here in Milton who could use it.  

My kids previously used band-aids and stickers to cover the lens on their notebooks but the problem with that is the adhesion would wear off when removing and reapplying, when you’d actually want to use the camera. With this cover, you simply slide the door open when you want to use the camera and close it when finished (see the pics below).

If you'd like to receive a couple of these and you live in Milton, I would be more than happy to drop them them off for you - at no cost, of course. They are available in white only (as shown below). All you need to do is complete the form to the right with your name and address and I’ll make sure to drop a pack off for you and your family. There are absolutely no strings attached!